TPM-structures/arranged TYPE-MOON


01. Rejoice/エミヤ fris

02. Haze/求めあう心 Haze

03. UCM#1/月下 fris

04. 記憶の反芻/追憶の彼方 Haze

05. CAME/Stranger fris

06. リバース/新たな夜明け Haze

07. Convergence/Last piece indolence/fris

08. Repeat/消えない思い indolence/Haze

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THE Invadance!!! /arranged MOTHER 1+2


01. the invadance!!!/Mother earth /Fris

02. The sky wind/Because I love you /Natural haze

03. Snow Crystal/Snow man Natural haze

04. all that YOU wanted/All that I needed /Fris

05. Vast blue/Light of life /Natural haze

06. Time to go home/Twinkle elementary school /Fris

07. SummerBreak/Eight melodies /Natural haze

08. TwoTwo/Twoson's theme /Fris

09. Chill me Out /Pollyanna(I believe in you) /Fris

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Fabricated Memories /arranged Key


01. 星灯りの照らす町/日溜まりの町 from Kanon /Fris

02. 過去の残骸/夜想 from Air /Natural haze

03. 溢れてしまった紅茶/お砂糖ふたつ from Little busters! /Fris

04. 溢れる生命/双生 from Air /Natural haze

05. 青空の下、暗がりの渓谷/渚 from Clannad /Natural haze

06. Melancolia of the sea we saw/回想録 from Air /Fris

07. 静寂と蠢動/夢の跡 from Kanon /Natural haze

08. Untitle days/それは風のように from Clannad /Fris


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Fragile /arranged chrono trigger


01. Introducing by wind /風の憧憬/Fris

02. Frog's party /カエルのテーマ/Natural Haze

03. break down the robot /ロボのテーマ/Fris

04. Memories ofthe earth /緑の思い出/Natural Haze

05. The Edge of ... /時の最果て/Fris

06. サラノウタ /サラのテーマ/Fris

08. Time passes by /はるかなる時の彼方へ/Natural Haze

09. summer days /やすらぎの日々/Natural Haze


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